Credit Recovery Program

Online Credit Recovery Programs

Our high school credit recovery courses support programs to keep students who have not earned required course credits on track for graduation. Students taking courses for credit recovery use the same rigorous, standards-based courses as students engaged in course content for original credit, ensuring that all students are mastering the skills and concepts necessary for their future success.
The courses most often needed for credit recovery include pretests that generate individualized learning plans designed to help students recover credits more efficiently and at an accelerated pace.

Focus Student Effort with Personalized Learning Plans

An individualized learning plan is automatically generated based on pretest results to direct each secondary learner to the specific material they have yet to master. The plan is represented visually in the course outline so that each student can see their individualized path. Although the course outline highlights the content a student needs to complete, the entire course is always available for the student to access.

Easily Identify Student Knowledge

Prescriptive high school credit recovery courses include unit pretests based on the content standards a student is expected to master. The pretests assess a student’s knowledge in each unit of content, identifying what the student has learned and any areas of deficiency. Then, tightly aligning each item to the standards, the pretests determine an individualized learning plan comprised of the relevant material yet to be mastered.