Lena Experience

Lena Schools prepares students for a technology-driven world by providing a comprehensive education centered around information technology.

Lena Schools provides a complete US High School Diploma Program that offers an educational experience that keeps the individual student at the center of their learning. The program contains embedded scaffolds and instructional support that is rigorous and accessible to all students anytime, everywhere. Lena Schools is personalized to each learner’s ability and level of academic readiness.

The one-size-fits-all practices that define the traditional classroom have given way to new approaches in both curriculum and instruction. Lena School’s digital environment provides the flexibility to meet the needs of all learners, at a pace that works with the individual student’s lifestyle. To address students’ individual learning needs, Lena Schools offers more than 400 courses for grades 6-12. In addition, the Lena Schools course catalog includes comprehensive grade-level core courses, honors, Advance Placement, foundation, and literacy advantage courses for ESL students and students seeking remediation and/or credit recovery.

Lena Schools is a fully accredited program that is self-paced and 100% online. Our courses are all listed on the NCAA approval list for our college-bound athletes.