How can I get AP Course Exam from Outside the USA

AP Exams, or Advanced Placement Exams, are typically administered by the College Board in the United States. However, they are also offered internationally in various countries through authorized testing centers. If you’re located outside the USA and want to take an AP Exam, here’s what you can do:

Contact with the School: Before applying for the AP exam, make sure to contact the school where you took the AP course and get information about the necessary steps to be taken.

Check Authorized Test Centers: Visit the official College Board website to find authorized test centers in your country or region. The College Board’s international office manages the administration of AP Exams outside the United States.

Contact Local Schools or Test Centers:  Once you identify a nearby authorized test center, get in touch with them. They will have information about the available AP Exams, registration deadlines, fees, and procedures.

Register for the Exam: Follow the registration instructions provided by the test center. You will likely need to create a College Board account and register for the specific AP Exam you wish to take. Keep track of deadlines and payment details.

Pay Exam Fees: Pay the required exam fees, which may vary depending on your location and the exam you’re taking. The fees cover the cost of test administration and scoring.The cost of an AP Exam in the United States is approximately $95 per exam. 

Prepare for the Exam:  Use available study resources to prepare for the exam. The College Board provides official AP exam preparation materials, study guides, and practice tests.

Take the Exam: On the designated exam day, go to the authorized test center and take the exam according to the provided instructions. Make sure to arrive early and bring any required identification and materials.

Receive Scores:  After you’ve taken the exam, your scores will be released on the dates specified by the College Board. You’ll be able to access your scores online through your College Board account.

Keep in mind that the availability of specific AP Exams and the procedures for registration may vary from country to country. It’s essential to stay updated by visiting the official College Board website which is and contacting authorized test centers in your region for accurate and current information.