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Lena Schools has two graduation tracks. High school students planning to attend a post-secondary institution must complete our College Preparatory requirements. Our General Education track is for students looking for a high school diploma without anticipating college.

College Preparatory Track

Our College Preparatory track is for students needing a rigorous study program in preparation for post-secondary education. ASI follows the University of California system for course requirements for graduation. These are subject to change. Our registrar’s office maintains the most current requirements to ensure our students are ready for their post-high school endeavors.

College Preparatory Total: 20 Credits

English4 Credits
Math4 Credits
Sciences3 Credits
Social Sciences3 Credits
Physical Education / Health2 Credits
Visual and Performing Arts1 Credit
World Languages2 Credits
Elective1 Credit

General Education with Bootcamp Program Our General Studies track is for students not planning on attending a four-year university directly after high school graduation. With  the general studies diploma, students can also attend the highly structured Bootcamp courses while in high school. The  requirements for our general studies diploma are significantly less than the college prep diploma and allow students to work in their  field of study, gaining important high tech job skills that will enable their hiring immediately after high school. 

Three Years Program

9th Grade10th Grade11th Grade
English (3 Credits)English 9English GrammarTechnical Writing
Math (2 Credits)Applied MathematicsBusiness MathBootcamp Course
Science (2 Credits)Earth ScienceEnvironmental ScienceBootcamp Course
Social Sci. (3 Credits)US HistoryWorld CulturesCivics and Gov
PE/Health (2 Credits)Physical EducationNutrition & Personal Health 
Visual Arts (1 Credit)Art and Visual Culture
IT ElectivesBootcamp CourseBootcamp CourseBootcamp Course

Optional Courses

Consumer Math Business Math
Sports Med Intro to Engineering
K-Pop coursesTheatre
Fashion Design Digital Media

Bootcamp Courses